by Easy Off

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recorded by Easy Off Labour Day 2018 at The Crypt, Kirikiriroa


released January 2, 2019

bass: Adam
drums: Josh
guitar: Michael
vocals: Callum


all rights reserved



Easy Off Hamilton, New Zealand

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Track Name: Danger be Warned
torrential rainfall further upstream
tonnes of sediment enter the flow
river of shit with unstoppable force
doomed city lies in its path
cold muck creeping up to your neck
overwhelming barrage of sludge
mouthfuls of effluent choking to death
danger be warned return to the sea
webbing grows between toes
hair shed replaced by scales
lungs shrivel no longer used
primitive gills make their return
Track Name: Hikvision
faces scanned
data-points collated
instantly cross-referenced
millions of pictures every second
transmitted back to party hq
a perverse jambalaya in the image of life
taken from businesses, homes and streets
served on a platter to a paranoid regime
if you can't stand the hik, burn down the kitchen
Track Name: Gothmog
lord of balrogs
captain of angband
high-king of the noldor hewn in two
elf-banner trampled in mire of blood
city of gondolin put to the sword
there he was slain as he slew
grim black axe
evil cunt
Track Name: Semaphore
foot taps compulsive rhythm
fingers drum impatient tattoo
lips twitch thoughtless grimace
semaphore of boredom
eyes look towards the clock
minds fly out the door
dreaming of what's beyond the walls
of being anywhere but here
Track Name: Most Things Are Nothing to Me
all things are nothing to me
nation, religion, family
i am my own
a mind free of old ideas
but the smashing plates
the floating lamps
the slamming doors
i'm not alone
the priest was called
the chants were praised
but still the chill
runs down my spine
only spook
that remains
in my home
Track Name: Great Pacific Garbage Patch
accumulation of excretion
thirty million hectares in size
a festering blight on the face of the earth
paradoxically hidden from sight
toxic air, poison water
hostile to all forms of life
somehow construed as paradise
the great pacific garbage patch
a new creature rises from the filth
deeply ashamed of where it's from
but if you don't like it you can fuck off
from the great pacific garbage patch
Track Name: Om krisen eller kriget kommer
vad skulle du göra om din vardag vändes upp och ner?
sämhallet är sårbart vi måste förbereda oss som individer
alla har en skyldighet att bidra och alla behövs
om krisen eller kriget kommer om krisen eller kriget kommer
cyberattacker som slår ut viktiga systemer
sabotage av infrastruktur
terrorattentat som drabbar viktiga verksamheter
flyganfall och andra krigshandlingar
alla uppgifter om att motståndet ska upphöra är falska
ge aldrig upp
om krisen eller kriget kommer

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